What is Content Marketing?

“It is a marketing process of creating, distributing, sharing and publishing  relevant, valuable content to attract a targeted audience”
What is Content marketing?

Steps to create Content Marketing?


1) Set up a content marketing goal

2) Research and understand your audience

3) Measure how much and what content to create

4) Promote the created content on various platforms

5) Publish the content and measure its performance

6) Optimize for better performance 


Content Creation Framework


5 Steps

-Conceptualizing Content
-Planning and timeline
-Creating a workflow
-Reviewing and editing content
-Organizing & Storing Content

Process steps for Content creation

-Set Clear Expectations
-Defines roles in revival process
-Determine a timeline
-Use a style guide
-Track edits
-Manage Process
-Optimize content for search engines

5 Types of responsibilities in content creation

-Content Management and strategy

Tools required for Content writing


-Content Management System
-Analytics Tools
-Planning & Internal communication Tools

3 Three steps in creating a long term content plan

-Setting Marketing Goals
-Auditing or assessing your organization’s Initiatives and assets
-Identifying the buyers journey for your buyer persona’s

Steps in Organizing your Content


-Content Title
-Buyer’s Journey Stage
-Life cycle Stage
-Content format
-Targeted buyer’s persona
-Additional notes that provide value

Organize your event based audit

-Upcoming monthly priorities
-Initiative overview
-Prospective blog post topics based on your buyer persons
-Inbound marketing campaigns that ties your efforts together 

Content creation outline

-Headline (Make sure keyword is in it)
-Intro (Anecdotes/Statistics)
-The What (Describe problem or what it is)
-The Why (Why our solution is required)
-The How (How to implement in easy steps)
-Conclusion (Conclusion & Call to actions)

Buyer’s Journey




                                          -Blog Posts
                                          -Social Media Posts


                         -Decision Making

                                         -Case Studies

9 Mistakes to avoid for Content Marketing

1) Weak Headlines/Titles
2) Addressing the wrong audience
3) Mentioning your business too much
4) Focusing on quantity than quality
5) Failing to monitor your campaigns
6) Lack of content diversity
7)  Distributing content without a clear picture
8) Writing for search engines and not humans
9) Not proof reading

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