Story telling in Content Marketing is its soul and key factor when it comes to Digital Marketing.
Let us look at some essentials factors and elements we require to create a story.

                    “Golden Circle”

3 key factors you need to tell a story


1) Why are you doing whatever you are doing?
2) How this will help your audience/users?
3) What are your offering?

                 “Golden Statement” 

Consistency is key to content marketing


FAQ on Digital Marketing

Story telling essential elements 


Every story requires some key elements which are eccentric to it. When it comes to content marketing the story requires following 3 key elements

1) Characters: In order to connect to your user/ audience we need to build a character keeping your audience in centre
                             Start with your buyer’s persona
                             Speak in first person as narrator
                             Second person is your audience
                             Third Person (The one you give examples about)

2) Conflict:  Identify the problem or problems
                        Identify the needs
                        Identify the stage of buyer’s journey

3) Resolution: Resolution is where you provide a solution. Explain your Unique selling proposition. What are you 
                             doing? How is it going to solve the problem of user? and why your user or audience should opt for it.


Best Practices 
Use Conflict to create emotional appeal
Be Consistent and authentic
Be relevant and keep in mind that every piece of story you create should represent facts and create a value for your audience.
Stories can touch audience emotionally and quickly make a connect and impact which is ever lasting. Often seen Most marketers take content marketing same as content writing and neglect it or do not pay attention. Though overlapping, content writing is part of content marketing. 


Story telling in content marketing is an art. 

Keep in mind that you have to be very specific and not vague. 

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