ORM agency in Gurugram

ORM agency in Gurugram


Simply put it is managing an organizations reputation online. In other words it is the practice of crafting strategies that shape and influence the public perception of an organization.

Remember the Golden Words   “Your product is as good as what the buyers think about it“.
With businesses going online, there is ever danger of anyone maligning your image or writing malicious content about you which damages your reputation online. So how do you manage your reputation online?
It is important for organizations to have online management system in place.

Lets see some implementation strategies as followed by ORM agency in Gurugram Pulse Business:-

1) Monitor your Reputation Online

69 % of buyers get influenced by online reviews. Further influencers play a role in influencing prospective buyers. Keep a tab on these and you may drive a position decision i.e customer will end up purchasing. Check your google ranking of your website.
To monitor your reputation you need people and tools, otherwise monitoring can be a herculean task.

2) Build a response action plan.

Build a team.
Give them access to tools, user name, Guide lines, expectations and hierarchy.
Build Online response management strategy.

3) Handle negative comments with grace & humility

Do not leave negative comments unattended.
Give a prompt & fast response as this helps customers trust you and avoid negative commenting.
Try giving response in private and resolve.

4) Reverse SEO Strategy

Check high search ranking Keyword/Content.
Check for negative articles.
Use tools such as Moz & SEMrush to track Ranking.
Optimize your positive articles.

5) Build your positive reviews

Actively manage your social media profile.
Track your social media profile.
Share high quality content.
Manage your online media.

6) Create Content & promote search results

Run Good campaigns.
Create interesting contests.
Ask consumers to share their pics.
Push user generated content.
Host chat to interact with customers.
Build a community.
Publish articles on famous websites.
Collaborate with influencers.


7) Follow Up

Brands Usually promise more and deliver less to their customer.
Deliver what you promise.
Call them if you tel them you are going to call.
Ask for good reviews if they are satisfied.

We have seen in above steps how to implement Online reputation management strategies.
Now lets see
 Online Reputation Management
 ORM Agency in Gurgaon/gurugram[/caption]

Online reputation Management in Agency in Delhi and Gurgaon

How to measure your ORM progress?

Do these 3 steps

  1. Create a ORM Team
  1. Give them tools for assistance
    Reputology-Track review sites
    Mention -Track your Social Media reviews
    Work on URLs & SEO
  1. Outsource Online reputation management
  1. Hire Full service reputation management company

Be active and proactive in your approach and create a balance when it comes to dealing with negative reviews.
The efficient and proactive you are in your response to your customers less negative reviews you are likely to garner.
Actively engage yourself in promoting a positive article


When done effectively ORM can become an effective tool to create brand value and trust amongst your buyers and customers.


 ORM is not valued by brands until they see there is an inherent requirement to improve their ratings, Instead it should be a main stream service every brand should opt for, this will also make them understand their customer and their responses. A useful insight especially specially in narrowing niches and high competition market. The brand that interacts with their customer promptly stay ahead of the competition.

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