How to remove negative reviews from google ?

How to remove negative reviews from Google my Business. Before that let us understand Google my business in brief. Google My Business is a great tool to list your business on google and in particularly for small businesses it’s a boon. Its purpose is to locate business as per google map and pop out the result on basis of location proximity, relevancy and how google reads your content. 

However, this is different from regular URL ranking where we utilize SEO. This one is based on Google maps and it looks something like this in searches as shown in pic below:

how to remove negative reviews from google

As evident from the picture I searched for keyword “ORM agency in Gurgaon” and there appears a small Google Map sections displaying most relevant results. Most of the searches with tags such as “near me” or location name would have this small window pop-up. 

Though helpful for small businesses it has a drawback too, anyone tom dick harry can post a bad negative reviews and let me tell you prospects are very keen in reading about ratings and reviews. 
A bad one can spoil your chances greatly and if it appears in first three reviews chances are you are losing business.

So Coming back to our core issue;
How to remove negative reviews from google ? By Google we mean Google my Business listing.   A negative review can dent your image and make a negative perception in your customers mind. So how to remove negative review from Google?
My experience over the years with google has led me to below mentioned 4 methods by which we can remove or hide a bad review.

1) Speak to Google Representative
2) Reply to the bad review
3) Play the numbers game
4) Flag the bad review

Let’s look at them one by one;

1) Speak to Google representative

    This used to be my preferred way of removing any fake negative review but over the years google has become more and more automated and to get through to a real customer care representative becomes pain stakingly difficult.
 In case you are able to reach one they don’t offer much help.  But in case you are able to reach one of them you can explain and get the review removed if it’s a fake review. To oblige and not to oblige is their discretion.

2) Reply to bad reviews;
     People usually write a bad review when they do not get same experience they expected leaving them to rent out their frustration on Google My Business, if you are quick to reply and convince them of a better service or make upto them, you may request them to change the rating or give a better review. That helps and many a time it does.
 However downside is 1st you need to interact with them and 2ndly convincing them, both not easy to do and have a lower success rate of 7-10%.

3) Play the numbers game;
     This one is my preferred way of bringing the ratings and review under control. Though this may not remove the review, it will certainly push it down and overwhelm with positive ones. This method works most times but let me tell you in case the negative review is written in detail mentioning precise issue with details chances are google sees it as a genuine review and may not pull it down.
So watch it over there.

4) Flag the bad review;
    All above methods are straight forward methods however this one is a trick and if it works its works like magic. You have two kind of bad negative reviews one which are fake where all method listed can help you. 2nd one is genuine negative review from your customer. It’s difficult to request removal of second one.

 So how to remove a negative reviews from google?, here is the trick flag the said review and mark its sexually explicit and offensive make sure you do it over a period of time lets say 2-4 weeks from 15-25 different mail ids and IP addresses this will send a signal to google algorithms that the said review is inappropriate and it will be removed.

We have learned today how to remove negative reviews from google. These have helped me and I am sure it will help you too. 

Hope these will help you with your negative review. If you want to hire us for managing your online reputation, feel free to connect us or visit us on


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