How to promote content?

As a content marketer, your goal is to get your content in front of as many relevant people as possible. Here are a couple strategies to do that.
 The first Strategy is direct marketing. Now, the goal of this is to get your content directly in front of the right people. Common ways to do that is using either keyword targeted or interest-based ads through platforms like Facebook and Google. But with content ads, I highly recommend trying other platforms where your target audience might be. For example, we could try to promote some ads right inside Reddit’s personal finance sub reddit. Other untapped ad networks you can try are Taboola or Pinterest. In fact, 84% of participants in a consumer study said that Pinterest helps them learn new things, which is great for content marketers. You need to get creative and if you’re working with a limited budget, then it may be worth exploring less popular forms of paid advertising. Another way is through SEO. And we’ve already covered a lot of SEO techniques just because they’re like a sister to content marketing. By ranking high in Google, you start reaching people who are showing intent to learn, read, and eventually buy. Best of all, after you’ve ranked, you’ll begetting free, consistent and passive traffic from search engines. We’ve already covered the content creation aspect of SEO, but you’ll need to get backlinks to your content. Now, 
The second strategy can be quite the shortcut to content promotion. And that’s influencer marketing. When I say influencer marketing, you might be thinking of celebrities, models, and YouTubers like Gary V. But there is no “minimum” number of followers that qualifies someone as being an “influencer.” An influencer is essentially someone who has influence on an audience. So in general, they’ll have a large following relative to others in their industry and their audience will listen to what they have to say. Now, the great thing with this strategy is that if you can convince someone of influence to share your content with their following,you now reach tons of people just by getting one person to share it. Here are a few ideas to do it without spending a penny. The first tip is to get quotes from credible people. For the most part, I’m not a fan of anything like ego bait, but when done in an honest, genuine and value-packed way, it works really well. For example, if you were creating a post on free personal finance classes, you could reach out to course creators of courses you’ve taken with an email like: Hi there, My name is Raj and I’m a ‘graduate’ of your[course name] program. I’ve learned a lot from you and want to recognize your work on my blog. I’m creating a post on the best personal finance classes and of course you’re on the list. If you have a second, I’d love to get a quote on who you think would be a good fit for your course. Example. [course name] is perfect for people who make around Rs 500,000 – Rs 800,000 per year and want to start investing in the markets. I’ll be promoting you to my email list, followers,and plan to run some paid ads. If you’re too busy, then I completely understand. Either way, just wanted to show my appreciation for your work and will include your course regardless. Cheers, Sam . Another way you can leverage influencer relationships is through podcast interviews. We use it to build brand awareness and get our tools in front of more people that may not have heard of us. Pitch a story as to why you should be on theirpodcast and the value you can provide to their listeners. The final step is to monitor your traffic and leads. 

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