How to build Email Marketing Strategy in 2022

How to build Email Marketing strategy?

How to build email marketing strategy in 2022? A question often businesses especially budding businesses ask themselves, seeking and spending time and money. An email strategy when used as effective tool can generate business.

A Successful email marketing process includes:
1) An effective strategy
2) Automation feature 
3) Personalization degree
4) Right time
5) Right Contact 
6) Right Content

Three essential purpose an Email strategy looks to achieve are:
             -Build relationship with prospects
             -Educate Customer
             -Push Sales & marketing

Let us go through steps on how to build email marketing strategy in 2022?


how to build email marketing strategy

An Email marketing process includes 06 stages:
1) Delivering Value and Awareness
2) Consideration
3) Authority and Content Creation
4) Call to Action
5) Conversion
6) Loyalty and Advocacy

Delivering Value and Awareness

This is stage where your frequency of mails are high, you are trying to educate and inform your prospects about value you are going to provide. We should create a segment of our database to identify it as per the persona we are targeting. You write catchy subject line encourage people to subscribe your list, visit your website and thus you build your organic list. You are trying to bring these prospects to come on landing page and become your customers. It is about educating prospects about your services, value and information.


At this stage you are to analyze data to understand effectiveness of your email campaign. What is the email open rate?  Higher the better anything above 20% is consider a healthy open rate. The other important data CTR (Click through rate) Conversion rate, bounce rate and how many of your prospect unsubscribed your emails. This analysis helps you understand penetration and effectiveness of your email campaign. Further to this, tools will also be able to analyze and suggest you which CXO or targeted audience is more receptive to your emails thus helping you optimize your campaigns for better CTR.

Authority and Content Creation

Engaging user is key to any successful campaign. User gets engaged by creative and quality content. Some of the great content delivery platforms are:
Product Info
Offers Info
Blog post
Case Studies
Apart for these instructional videos are great medium to deliver content. Some of important points to give your content an edge is:
Useful Content which gives relevant Info
Interesting Content
Use Social Media. Use KISS (Keep it short and simple) matrix for a better outreach.
Building an Authority is an key aspect as it establishes a trust between users and the personality or brand. For example given a choice between a Local Burger or Mc Donalds you are likely to Choose Mc Donalds as you trust it more.


Call to Action

Give a clear action work to your users. Users like to get drawn and guided. Explain them often use action oriented words like order now!. Share social proof, customer reviews create an urgency and scarcity. The feeling of instant gratification should be generated with a fear of missing out (FOMO), this would drive customer to desired action



Create a scarcity, Give them a feeling of loosing out, create a deadline, limited numbers etc. You will see the psychological conversions. Its like a tempting hook for users. 

Loyalty and Advocacy

Once the User have purchased and become your customer. Engage him with provide him a good touch point through service. Ask for satisfaction rating and reviews. Send them emails about exclusive offers. Custom services. Make your customer feel good about choosing you.

Here we have compiled a process for how to build a email marketing strategy 

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