Free Ka Maal

Who doesn’t like freebies? We all do regardless of who we are and how much we earn, anything which which is labelled “Free” catches our attention. In short Free ka maal sabko accha lagta hai.

But are things really free well! honestly speaking there is some catch somewhere and if things are free its meant to serve some purpose.

Regardless there are many platforms and companies giving our freebies or free samples to test their product for a review or for making you use to that product and Oh Yes! Its’s Free.

Free ka Maal

Let us see some of the websites giving away free samples:


    It is one of the most popular free sampling website, known for providing free sample products. Especially products from Dabur and MamaEarth can be found. They also have a barter system for reviews, where you can review a product and receive it to try. Like samples these products are miniature models of their original counterpart. They also have contests and surveys worth trying if you can put in little effort the website offers a good deal.



     Earlier known as This is another great site if you are looking for some great products to try from the house of Proctor and Gamble. Unlike Free Sample India they do not have review & surveys. You just need to fill your mail Id, address and sample product and Bingo just wait for them to arrive. The ease of ordering samples have made them quiet popular.



    This site is dedicated to women and if you are one its the place for you. It allows you make a sample box, chose various sample boxes available or segregate individual products samples. They have lots of choices to spoil the women in you, right from haircare, household, skincare amongst others. Its a must visit website and worth giving a try. Women love shopping and if its free nothing like it. Nothing beats the sensation of achievement of free products for a women.



     Freeflys has the best looking UI amongst all the above mentioned websites. It deals in product samples in category of of Food, Beauty, Health and Children. Personally I like the their service of free sample product for home delivery.  There are lot of goodies to choose from.


    Though not totally free this website makes to my list of best 5 free sample products due to the fact that It is the most genuine one where it asks you to try a product for far less price than its MRP. You can find some amazing new products to try. They believe in letting you try a newly launched products for a fraction of its price.



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