Cost of WordPress Website in India

If you are starting your service or any business you would have searched for an affordable solution to build a website for you. While the affordable solution exists in the name of wordpress. Cost of wordpress website in India vary and like social status in the country this parity is wide too with some claiming to build it for Rs 500 others charge upto Rs 50000. You must wonder why wordpress website development cost is so differential.  Let us look at some factors why there is so much difference and is the cost justified. In this article we would like to create an understanding on what should be an Ideal cost be. 

wordpress website cost in India

Before we move on let us understand what is a website and what is wordpress. A website has three critical elements  a domain which is the address of the website, it gives website an identity. Second element is hosting, it  is like a plot on which which the said website would be build. In technical terms it is where your file data and domain would rest. Third element is design and development of a website. I am sure you are aware of this. This is developing web pages of your website. 
Lets try to break down the factors which influence  the cost of wordpress website. 

1) The Developer
2) Theme
3) No of Pages
4) Pluggins
5) Functionality 

1) The Developer or website design agency

The Developer or designer has a great influence on cost of your wordpress website. Where a relatively fresher freelancer would cost you lowest, some established wordpress development agencies would charge you much higher. The qualitative aspect changes accordingly.

2) Theme of wordpress website

We know that wordpress is a content management system and it’s design and outlay is dependent on theme. These themes are available for free as well as for a cost. The cost you are paying would certainly add to cost of wordpress website. The cost again would depend on kind of high quality templates you are looking for. The cost here would range from $10 to 200$.  However you can get a good theme in the range of $45-65.  Themeforest is one of the best places to search and buy some amazing themes.

3) No of Pages adds to cost of wordpress website in India

 More the number of pages more time and effort it would take which is directly proportional to cost of the website. Some pages are default pages like contact us/jobs etc they are easy to configure, whereas some pages are complex example about us. Depending upon the kind of pages and number of pages we have the price goes uphill.

4) WordPress Plugins

The functionality aspect in wordpress is managed through plugins. While most basic plugins are free but in case you want to enhance your functionality and controlability you would have to shell some bucks. Premium version of some plugins can cost well over 100 Dollars. This is one aspect which can define cost of wordpress website in India.

5) Functionality 

Another major factor which affects cost of wordpress website in India would be the functionality one is looking to ad. For instance an e-commerce website on wordpress would cost higher than a regular informative website. How dynamic, how responsive, how functional oriented your website is would determine how much it would dent your pocket.

Hope you now understand and this would help you make an informed decision when it comes to cost of wordpress website  in India.

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