Avoid following mistakes in Digital marketing

 Hi, today we will discuss 7 biggest mistakes in digital media marketing today and how to increase your leads and sales.

1st Mistake (Not promoting the website)
 The first major mistake most businesses make is once their website has been built they automatically think it’ll be found on Google,the phone will ring and email enquiries will just happen. You do have to market the site on social media, on blogs and Youtube etc etc. I know from experience of 9 years now and more often than not it’s not something that automatically comes into a business owner’s mind and not every page will be found on Google it’s just not the case because at the end of the day you have to make sure that the page is at indexed by Google which is basically found by Google to enable them to be ranked and so that’s not an automatic sequence it has to happen over time with marketing and finally foundation is the on page optimization which is search engine optimization but it’s like putting the floor in a house it is essential to the success and the future it’s not the only thing you’ll have to do so don’t be fooled by any company that actually says that the only thing you need is on page optimization, but yes it is extremely important.

2nd Mistake (Only focusing on SEO ranking and not conversion ranking)
So mistake #2 is search engine optimization where companies blatantly offer the service of being found for 50-100 keyword phrases and telling you that it’ll make your money and get you leads this is a typical approach from a SEO company with very little or no little focus at all on website conversion their sole focus is getting you found and ranked but what they’re not telling you is what are the chances of them actually then converting into sales or leads and typically they’ll take at least 6 months probably 12 months in many case depending how competitive the word is to be ranked and it all depends on the competition. So please do not be fooled by these offers of multiple phrases being found on Google it’s about what’s actually gonna convert into sales or leads and it’s quality not quantity.

3rd Mistake (Thinking developer as SEO expert)
 Mistake #3 thinking that a web developer knows how to create a conversion and lead focused website. They make nice looking website sort of functional most of the time and that’s what they’re good at. They’re generally not conversion experts or SEO experts and internet marketing experts and they’re certainly are not typically professionally developed in advanced SEO psychology,eye tracking and Google Analytics strategies.

4th Mistake (Not utilizing Social Media for traffic)
 Mistake #4 is that just to think that social media is all about likes and posting content its is still typically something that people are very focused on and yet it’s about sharing comments and finding influences in your target market and looking at the analytics to see what time in a day your posts are being shared and looked at etcetera etcetera it’s a big topic for another day but another key point is to take followers off social media as soon as possible by building up your email database by giving something away for free electronically that basically solve the challenges and frustrations of your target market and then that’s in your control not in Facebook or anybody else’s control and then you need to send followers from social to your blog and then to your website because it’s about building a ladder of intimacy you don’t have much space on social media so you give them a snippet of information you create a curiosity you send them to your blog that’s where you inform them more about educating them on what you do but not hard selling it could have a soft sell but then send them to the website by that time they got to know like and trust you a little bit more and therefore you got a much better chance of contacting you or buying something from you.

5th Mistake (Not Creating landing pages)
Mistake #5 is that phrase “50% of my marketing works I just don’t know which 50%” and it’s about tracking your offline marketing to unique pages on your website as well as the online world because you should create something like a free electronic offer on a unique page on your website that you can track that’s only been created linked to an offline advert for example whether that’s a newspaper whether that’s a brochure whether that’s a postcard it doesn’t really matter send them to a website where you can actually track the success and at least for those who opt in to your offer you can follow up with them and it’s also about understanding the percentage of people who are actually searching on a smartphone and you find that on Google Analytics because you’re almost assuredly find that your bounce rate is gonna be much higher on Google analytics means they don’t click on any links and leave your desktop site because they don’t get a good user experience because they’re looking at it on a smartphone and there’s too much information it’s too large and then finally as far as mistake #5 is concerned you must set up goals in Google analytics most people I see don’t do this and it is a huge mistake because it’s I mean something like 50% of all Google analytics is not gonna be that effective if you don’t actually set up goals and what are goals it’s simply means setting up when people contact you via email for example how long they spent on your site how many pages do they read do they download your PDF do they opt in to your free offer are they watching your videos for a certain amount of time it could be a variety of different goals but it;s extremely important and you put a value to this as well otherwise what are you doing for online marketing you don’t know what’s exactly making a revenue for you this is where the rubber meets the road.

6th Mistake (Thinking bigger the marketing agency bigger the results)
Mistake #6 thinking that a large company has all the answers to help you succeed online yes they do have a very very flashy brochures yes they’re good at marketing and yes they have good sales people but does this mean that they actually understand all the answer to how each part of digital marketing works together more often than not each department in a large company doesn’t talk to each other about the different sectors of search engine optimization or blogging or social media or Google Analytics on mobile and so they really invest the time needed to actually get you successful or is it more a churn and burn process where they come in they offer? something relatively cheap make it look great but ultimately don’t put the time in to it because their number’s game is all about getting more and more people through the system and they don’t follow through in the way that you should have that focus in our opinion so and the other point is how experienced in integrated digital marketing are the employees? they might be focused on SEO search engine optimization they might be focused on pay per click but are they looking at Google Analytics alongside that as one example they don’t tend to be advanced and experienced in multiple parts of internet marketing and that’s really the point.

7th Mistake (Thinking there is quick fix solution to be successful)
And then finally mistake #7 thinking there’s a quick fix to make you successful online integrated digital marketing is the answer to getting more leads and sales let’s make no mistake it is a business online yes you can generate leads and sales relatively quickly using such strategies as pay per click but you need to create a very successful website first in terms of preparing your website for success using marketing copy looking strategically at what you want to achieve and making sure you have Google analytics in place and then promote with Google Adwords yes for 3 months find out what’ works and what doesn’t work in terms of keyword phrases and then if you wish to follow through with search engine optimization you are only focusing on the select words that you know makes you money instead of wasting 6-12 months to find out that yes you’ve been ranked fantastic when you’re not actually making any sales from it. I hope that’s helpful 

1) Promote your website
2) Focus on over-all digital marketing of your website
3) Hire right SEO experts for the digital marketing
4) Utilize Social Media effectively for website promotion
5) Create landing pages with specific offers
6) Medium & Smaller marketing are better at over all Digital Marketing
7) There is no quick fix solution to be successful

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